Jan 2, 2014

My Sweet Dungarees

Happy Thursday friends & a BIG happy twenty fourteen to you!!! I am truly thankful to be alive to experience another year. A few 2014 goals; spend more time investing in others, be generous and pursue my dreams. Some days my be harder than others, nonetheless, I will live to make 2014 my best year yet!

I am excited to be launching my new project today | Priscilla Kioko Couture. I will not only be featuring looks from my closet but also a few extra goodies that are in the works, so stop by every Tuesday's & Thursday's for new posts. Also a big thank you to my friend Lance Flores for doing my photography. I am truly excited to be working with him! Make sure to stop by his site  to check out his work!  Ok, lets get to today's look!

I am absolutely in love with my dungarees aka overalls from @HM. Now, the last time I rocked overalls was in Jr high and lets just say it would make for a great tbt photo! Thankfully instagram didn't exist back then! What I love about this look is that its up to date but there's still an old-school feel to it. So to my jr high classmates who were not spared and witnessed my wrangler high ankle dungarees almost everyday, here's my redemption!

I'm WearingOveralls | Fedora | Hello Kitty Watch 

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